The silent green Team

The biographies and interests of silent green's team shape the programme of the venue: The two directors and initiators Jörg Heitmann and Bettina Ellerkamp were founding members of the interdisciplinary cultural association BOTSCHAFT e. V. in Berlin as early as the 1990s. Between 1991 and 1999 they produced documentary formats under the label "dogfilm" and still realise their own film projects as "homeproductions". Jörg Heitmann has also been active as a project developer for many years and Bettina Ellerkamp is co-initiator of the Werkleitz PMMC (Professional Media Master Class) in Halle.

Constance Hahn, Hannah Osenberg, Linda Winkler, Lukas Balmer, Merlind David and Viola Schmidt also come from contexts of film and media theory as well as cultural practice and have worked for film festivals, in cultural institutions and on projects between art, media and culture. At silent green, they are responsible for all areas related to the conception, planning and organization of projects and events as well as press and public relations.

The in-house gastronomy, the MARS | Café & Bar, is managed by Jan Körner, with chef Max Leonhard at his side, service manager Nicolas Bach and Georg Krause for event catering.

Simon Vierboom is responsible for the aesthetics and well-being of the garden and green spaces, house and courtyard.