Goethe Residency Programme  

In 2016, Film Feld Forschung implemented its residency programme, funded by the Goethe Institut. It is awarded annually to selected artists who are provided with the opportunity to do theoretical and practical research of the language of film, and using the language of film. The finished product is not the only thing that counts – the creative process that leads to an artistic work, is just as important. There are no terms the artist has to comply with, but each artist is invited to explore the history of this unique venue in the premises of the former Crematorium in Berlin-Wedding which is listed as a historically protected building. In 2016 and 2017 filmmakers and media artists Maha Mamoun and Shelly Silver were welcomed to silent green as Film Feld Forschung’s first scholars.

Artists are provided with housing and studio facilities in Berlin as well as the opportunity to present their work in the cupola or the silent green cube which consists of three meeting rooms. In 2019, the subterranean concrete hall of the former crematorium, which has undergone a period of substantial transformation, will open as a centre for audiovisual research. The exhibition hall will be complemented by above-ground studio apartments for artists and scholars in residence. The state-of-the-art exhibition hall will provide future scholars and artists with ample space for experimenation. The centre will enable them to do their research in the audiovisual field in laboratory conditions and will provide them with a space where image, sound and language will be subjected to close analysis and artistic transformation.

Shelly Silver

Artist in Residence 2017

The work of video- and film artist Shelly Silver (born 1957, New York) may best be described as something akin to experimental documentary. After graduating with a dual Bachelor in Intellectual History and Mixed Media from the University Cornell in 1980, she attended the San Francisco Art Institute’s Summer School and subsequently found the medium which still captivates her to this day: Film. She further engaged with the medium at the Whitney Studio Program, followed up by work as a film editor, the results of which are still visible in her meticulously composed films. Fellowships from Germany and Japan allowed her to visit both countries in the years following 1992. The resulting films Former East/Former West (1994) and 37 Stories About Leaving Home (1996) explore questions about the formation of cultural identity and gender. Silver's work in film, video, and photography spans an eclectic range of subject matter and genres, exploring the personal and societal relations that identify and restrict us. Besides her artistic work, Silver is Associate Professor and Director of Moving Image of the Visual Arts Program at Columbia University.

Her work has been exhibited at the MoMa in New York, Tate Modern, Centre Georges Pompidou, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, Yokohama Museum, London ICA as well as film festivals in London, Singapur, New York, Moscow and Berlin.


1986 - Meet the People
1989 - Things I Forget to Tell Myself
1989 - Getting In
1990 - We
1991 - The Houses That Are Left
1994 - April 2nd
1994 - Fragments
1994 - Former East/Former West
1996 - 37 Stories About Leaving Home
1999 - Small Lies, Big Truth
2001 - 1
2001 - 2002    ROOSTER (Installation)
2001 - 2014    Hidden Among the Leaves / Caché Parmi les Feuilles (Installation)
2002 - Vvening (Installation)
2003 - Suicide
2004 - What I’m Looking For
2008 - In Complete world
2008 - Exceptional Happenings (Installation)
2009 - 5 Lessons & 9 Questions About Chinatown
2013 - TOUCH
2015 - The Lamps
2015 - Frog Spider Hand Horse House
2017 - A Strange New Beauty

Shelly Silver at silent green 

Silver was Film Feld Forschung artist in residence in 2017. 

Berliner Premier of TOUCH, Screening and Talk  
About Animals; Screenings, Reading and Talk with Shelly Silver and Maha Maamoun 
Forum Expanded 2018 Opening, Premier of two short films 


1. Shelly Silver (2015), In the Studio, Interview mit Steel Stillman. In: Art in America, April 2015, S. 98-105. S. 104
2. Shelly Silver (2008), Three Questions for Shelly Silver, Interview mit John Menick. Blog: Art, film prose & politics.
3. Shelly Silver (2015), In the Studio


Maha Maamoun

Artist in Residence 2016/17

Maha Maamoun is an intermedial artist, working primarily in the medium of film and photography. Born 1972 in California, at age five her family moved to Kairo, where Maamoun has been living and working ever since. After completing her studies of economy, she graduated from the Masters Program in Middle Eastern History at the American University Cairo. In 2004 she co-founded the independent art initiative Contemporary Image Collective (CIC). Maamouns own work focuses on the impact and reception of photographic images and new media. Maamoun disrupts and renders visible structure of viewing through intervening in her photographic material, by means of techniques like collaging, cutting, editing, montage and digital rendering, using material ranging from found footage and Youtube videos to film extracts.

Maamouns work has been exhibited at the Centre Pompidou, Paris; Tate Modern, London; MoMA, ICP, New Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; MuHKA, Antwerp; MATHAF – Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Beirut Art Center, Beirut; Makan, Amman; Steirischer Herbst, Graz; Witte de With, Rotterdam; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia; Haus der Kunst, Munich. Her Solo-Shows include Lingering in Vicinity at the Gypsum Gallery in 2014, The Night of Counting the Years at Fridericianum Kassel in 2014 und The Law of Existence at the Sursock Museum Beirut in 2017.


2003 - Cairoscapes (Photoseries)
2004 - Secure, In a Furnished Flat in Cairo (Installation)
2005 - Domestic Tourism I (Photoseries)
2008 - Most Fabulous Place (Film)
2008 - El-Sayyida Park #1+2 (Photography)
2008 - Landing (Photography)
2008 - To the Future and Back (Photography)
2008 - Welcome (Photography)
2008 - Domestic Tourism II (Film)
2010 - 2026 (Film)
2011 - Night Visitor: The Night of Counting the Years (Film)
2013 - Shooting Stars Remind me of Eavesdroppers (Film)
2015 - Untitled (Parrot) (Photography)
2016 - Dear Animal (Film) 
2017 - The Subduer (Photoseries)

Maha Maamoun at silent green

Maha Maamoun was Film Feld Forschung artist in residence in 2016. 

Like Milking a Stone Studio Studio discussion with Maha Maamoun. 
About Animals Screenings, reading and talk with Shelly Silver and Maha Maamoun.
Retreat - A Rehearsal An evening with Maha Maamoun; Guests: Haytham el-Wardany and Mohamed A. Gawad.