Thomas Arslan: A Fine Day (Der schöne Tag)

A Fine Day (Der schöne Tag), Thomas Arslan, 69’, Germany, ZDF 15.4.2002, Original German version

Thomas Arslan has not only shaped German-Turkish cinema, but also belongs to the first generation of the Berlin School. In 2000, he filmed the third part of his trilogy about young people of Turkish descent in Berlin. The film tells of a day in the life of Deniz, a young woman who navigates the city with confidence. Her work in the dubbing studio, her rocky relationship, her family - Deniz wanders through the stations of her life filled with restlessness; she is a seeker. Arslan gets close to his main character, but never too close: “Just like with real people, there is a limit as to what you can get to know about the characters in a film.” With Serpil Turhan, now a well-known documentary filmmaker herself, he found the perfect cast for this character, who never completely reveals herself to the camera.

Thomas Arslan (*1962) is a German-Turkish film director and scriptwriter belonging to the first generation of the Berlin School. His feature films have been screened, among others, at the Berlinale and have won many awards. In cooperation with Das kleine Fernsehspiel, he made his debut film Turn Down the Music (1994), Brothers and Sisters (1998), Dealer (1999) and A Fine Day (2004). The latter two also featured in the Berlinale Forum, as did In the Shadows (2010).