Cantus Domus: Nachtwanderung

Choir Concert with Cantus Domus 

The night is the time in which we rest, dream, yearn, fear and watch. All this also happens in our night walk through a cappella choral music from four centuries. Cantus Domus wraps you in sound from all sides in the silent green and conjures dark dreams, golden shadows, sparkling stars and promising twilight with light installations. Accompany us on our hike through a magical concert night!

Cantus Domus dedusts the image of the traditional concert format and opens up new approaches to choral music to its audience with haunting productions and innovative collaborations. The choir was founded in 1996 and has since been directed by Ralf Sochaczewsky. The choir is distinguished by its joy in experimenting across genres, the variety of forms of expression and the force that its concerts can unfold. In addition to numerous concerts with large ensembles, various chamber ensembles of the Cantus Domus also perform with smaller projects. The choir feels comfortable in the border areas between classical music and indie/pop, for example with appearances at festivals such as PEOPLE and Haldern Pop, as well as cooperations with Bon Iver, Charlotte Greve, Damien Rice, Mads Brauer, Stargaze, The Slow Show and Tocotronic. Cantus Domus is a member of the Berlin Choir Association and receives basic funding from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In 2017 Cantus Domus won the 1st prize at the choir competition of the Landesmusikrat Berlin. Cantus Domus won a 3rd prize at the 8th German Choir Competition of the German Music Council 2010 in Dortmund.

Cantus Domus - Choir
Ralf Sochaczewsky - Conductor
Carolin beef, Birgit Köhler, Lea Gscheidel - Concept

Performances: 17pm + 20pm