THE GARDEN: AIDS WALK in Central Park + Absolutely Positive

Open-air screening

AIDS Walk in Central Park, Milena Gierke USA/GER 1995, S8, 6 min + Absolutely Positive, Peter Adair, Janet Cole, USA 1991, 16mm, 87 min
In the courtyard of silent green, we present two films that had their premiere at the Berlinale Forum in the same year as The Garden: Peter Adair's Absolutely Positive consists of conversations with 11 men and women who tested HIV positive as they deal with life, illness and death. As a supporting film we show AIDS Walk by Milena Gierke, made in 1995 in Central Park.

silent green courtyard 
9.30 pm (OV with subtitles/headphones)
Introduction by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus