And All the Birds Sing Bass with Lamin Fofana and Kareem Lotfy

presented by silent green, Black Studies, and Stay Service

And All the Birds Sing Bass is an ongoing project focusing on transformation and the amplification of connectedness through collective listening and experience. The practice of coming together, bringing people together and creating spaces that allow for dreaming and imagining other ways of being and foregrounding nonlinear thinking and experience, this is just one step in the complicated process of understanding ourselves and each other, and the possibility of breaking the constraints of our time and start dreaming up new sets of relationships.

Lamin Fofana
Lamin Fofana is an artist and musician currently located in New York. His music contrasts the reality of our world with what’s beyond, and explores questions of movement, migration, alienation and belonging. Fofana’s overlapping interests in history and the present, and his practice of transmuting text into the affective medium of sound, manifests in multisensory live performances and installations featuring original music compositions, field recordings and archival material.
Fofana hosts a monthly radio show on NTS Radio, an online station based in London.

Kareem Lotfy
Kareem Lotfy (Arabic: كريم لطفي) is an electronic music producer, graphic designer and visual artist,from Egypt who lives and works in Cairo. Lofty’s work engages critically with current political and social issues. Influenced by Internet culture, he is fascinated by the intercultural mix in his native Egypt.


Saturday, October 21
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm