Owen Pallett, The Hidden Cameras – Sonic Morgue

Owen Pallett is a master on the violin, his songs built on complex loops are an experience both live and on record. From Arcade Fire to the Pet Shop Boys or Taylor Swift, countless artists have hired him to arrange strings. Now the Canadian is finally back on tour himself. His record company Domino Records is re-releasing his first albums as remastered versions and is releasing his first two eps, which were not available until now, on one record. He will be on tour with The Hidden Cameras.

The concert series Sonic Morgue enters a new round in 2023. It was conceived by Christian Morin, who headed the music programme at the Volksbühne for twelve years and also works as a festival dramaturge at Pop-Kultur.

Tuesday, April 4
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm