Pictoplasma 2023 – Open House + Character Market

The Open House Character Market returns and offers the unique chance to stock up on rare prints, affordable art editions, zines, sculptures and other lovingly produced items from all around the world – and meet their international makers. Additionally, take a break and pass the controller: a relaxing festival version of the upcoming game Flock will be projected up high into the domed ceiling of the Kuppelhalle – in full 360°. Lie down, look up, get into player mode, and fly around with imaginary creatures through beautiful landscapes. Visitors of all ages can join forces with French artist Shoboshobo to create DIY stickers and colourful masks in the upper Atelierhaus, and the Betonhalle’s big screen features all 66 animated shorts from this year’s official selection – definitely not your standard mainstream family entertainment. For those with a short attention span or limited time, the day is crowned with a special Best of Pictoplasma 2023 short film programme (Age 16+).

More about the festival: pictoplasma.com

Sunday, May 7
Betonhalle, Kuppelhalle, Ateliers, transmediale Studio
12 am – 6 pm

Free admission

Screening Best of Pictoplasma 2023 (Age 16+)
7 pm
10€ at the door