Future Soundscapes Festival 2023

silent green presents

The Future Soundscapes Festival is one of the most successful projects of silent green. While the stories and visual worlds of science fiction are firmly anchored in the collective memory, Future Soundscapes is dedicated to sound as a means of shaping future worlds - be it as noise, as sound or as music. This year is the fourth edition of the interdisciplinary festival. Over two days, artists from the fields of electronic music, media art and sound art will explore the future of listening.

Totalitarian and technocratic systems, exploration of new habitats, dazzling visions of the end times - the science fiction genre is current and successful as never before and deeply rooted in pop culture. While cyberspace, biotechnology and genetic manipulation are reshaping our knowledge and information society ever more rapidly and are accompanied by new models of thought, the fictional futurologies themselves are becoming a contested field of various interests. Today more than ever, forecasts of the future are an instrument to influence the present and steer its development.

All the more relevant, and anything but trivial, is therefore an examination of the popular genre of science fiction, whose narratives and images are ubiquitous and widely discussed. However, a blank space in this discourse is still sound as an essential element in the design of future worlds. With the Future Soundscapes Festival, silent green Film Feld Forschung therefore dedicates itself to the genealogy and aesthetics of science fiction sound and presents interdisciplinary contributions to the question: How does the future sound?

A project by silent green Film Feld Forschung gGmbH.

Detailed programme information coming soon.

Note on attending the event

For your protection and ours, we currently recommend that you continue to wear a mask during your visit and that you test yourself in advance if. If you feel ill, we kindly ask you to stay at home.