Poetry Meets Sonic Griots

Shaking up the scene since 2014, The Poetry Meets Series is a creative space for local and international artists who identify themselves in the framework of Love, Peace and Togetherness. Beyond sounds, verses as harmony, poetry as dance: across disciplines, arts, genres and languages, the platform unleashes new potentials in the interplay of poetry, music and dance. Hosted by curator and artist Jumoke Adeyanju, Poetry Meets is an international, multilingual community event that presents poets, short films, dancers, musicians and lyrically endowed artists from Berlin and around the world.

The Line Up is a remarkable conglomerate of soulful, multilingual wordsmiths, musicians and (visual) storytellers: With all encompassing artist K.ZIA as Headliner and the collective Sonic Interventions as our Special Guests, this edition features poet MUSO and Anatolian singer and poet rûveyda.

The evening is musically backed by Poetry Meets’ House Band, musically directed by Diazno (guitar) plus Djelifily Sako on kora and Shanice Ruby Bennett on bass.


Line Up

Film screening
Iran-e Man, Naghmeh Pour, 2023, 2
Shot in rural Morocco to evoke the rolling Iandscape of Iran, Iran-e Man takes a meditative journey through classic Iranian cinema, emulating its distinct visual quality in a collision of past and present, fantasy and realism. A celebration of the rich cultural history of Iran, and the inherent beauty found outside of the media reports, Pour offers a message of empowerment to future generations, in the hope that the world they inhabit stands as a positive imprint of today’s fight for freedom.

Main Act
The Berlin & Dakar based artist is known for her captivating and emotive performances, visuals and music. She boasts a unique and soulful voice that showcases her wide range of musical influences, blending elements of R&B, Soul and AfroPop to create a sound that is contemporary and timeless, often incorporating elements of community and togetherness.

Special Guest
Sonic Interventions
Sonic Interventions is a diaspora-futuristic band of interdisciplinary artists from five continents. Emerged in 2020 from the transcultural Berlin Jazz scene, the group unites diverse languages, instruments, rhythms and dance for collective meditation and healing, improvisation and Groove.
Performers: Pachakuti, Exocé, Astan KA, Nane Kahle, El Congo Allen, Aduni

Born and raised in Luanshya, Zambia, MUSO is inspired by the likes of Kalindula, a Zambian music genre, as well as artists like Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, Jean Michel Basquiat, Marvin Gaye, Pharrell Williams, and Bob Marley. Since moving to Berlin in late 2014, he has been writing and has performed at the critically acclaimed event poetry meets vortex as well as numerous open mics in bars.

Rûveyda amplifies her voice as a young Muslim woman in the diaspora through her lyrical artistry. Her music and poetry steadily weaves heritage and culture, dismantling societal complexities with resolute passion. Her performance transcends languages - Turkish, English, and German - crafting an inclusive and harmonious atmosphere.

Live Band
MD/Guitar: Diazno
Bass: Shanice Ruby Bennett
Kora: Djelifily Sako


Saturday, September 9
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm