transmediale: you’re doing amazing sweetie

Exploring the horror of content that consumes more and more of the internet user’s attention and the world’s resources,
the 37th edition of transmediale examines how the logics of content production determine and frustrate our relations to technology. The 2024 edition features exhibitions, performances, screenings, and conversations that challenge the unusable politics that are generated through the surfaces of screens. Examining how these politics are deployed through tactics of distraction, propaganda, and control, the festival will reveal how language, relations, and political possibilities become artifice through 24/7 access to content.

transmediale Festival 2024 Inspired by the reality of reality TV, the three-day programme will take place in silent green and Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, alongside the festival’s main exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien on view over two months.
Furthermore, the exhibition Uncensored Lilac can be seen from 26 January to 14 April 2024 in the transmediale studio at silent green. Uncensored Lilac is an exhibition by Bassam Issa Al-Sabah and Jennifer Mehigan. The Ireland based artists will transform the studio into the fantasy world of a group of goddesses and their familiars.


transmediale is an annual festival and a critical space for the development of experimental approaches to art and digital culture. Beyond the yearly event, transmediale is a transversal, dynamic platform that facilitates year-round activities, including a residency programme and journal. Each festival edition focuses on a specific theme in the spectrum of art and digital culture that is reflected through a variety of programmes like exhibitions, discourse formats, performances, screenings, and workshops.

Detailed information on the discourse programme as well as on performance and film will be announced soon.


Tuesday, January 31 –Thursday, Febuary 2
Opening:  31.1. I Free admission