Media Loca 15 Years – Day 1

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In June 2009, Gabriele "Mo" Loschelder founded the artist agency Media Loca (Spanish for "the half-mad one"). Since then, the number of artists represented has increased, the type of music has changed and the network of festivals, concert halls and special venues has grown continuously. Media Loca Artists are united by the radical nature of their performances, from minimal to maximal, from electronic sample collages to alchemical organ thunderstorms, they play solo concerts, trigger each other in duos and provoke in trios.

Active in the Berlin music scene since 1992, as a DJ and live performer, as co-operator of small clubs and a label, as co-curator (Heroines of Sound Festival), Mo Loschelder used all this experience from 2009 onwards to represent Angelika Lepper alias Acid Maria, as well as the producer and label operator Gudrun Gut, who has been active in Berlin since the late 1970s, Susanne Kirchmayr alias Electric Indigo, the Finnish musician Ilpo Väisänen (initially in a duo with Mika Vainio as Pan Sonic) as well as Jan Jelinek and the Georgian Natalie Beridze via Media Loca.

Reliability, trust and respect are essential pillars not only for the numerous artists who have enriched the programme with so many facets since then, but also in the exchange with national and international festivals and organisers.


Media Loca 15 Years – Day 1

The duo hÄK /Danzeisen, consisting of Norbert Würtz aka hÄK (electronics) and Philipp Danzeisen (drums), is known for crossing boundaries in an exciting, mutually triggering interplay. They are reminiscent of free jazz as well as Pierre Henry, one of the pioneers of musique concrete, and culminate in pure ecstasy.

Natalie Beridze
The artist, composer and songwriter Natalie Beridze is considered as a pioneer of Georgian electronic music in Georgia. She has released 14 albums to date, including on Gudrun Gut's label Monika Enterprise and on the Australian label Room40. Her latest album Spines, released on the CES Records label, radiates a unique dynamic.

Broken Vinyl AV (Mieko Suzuki & Claudia Rohrmoser)
For their joint performance, sound artist Mieko Suzuki and visual artist Claudia Rohrmoser explore the mutual influences of sound and image, sharing the same source material: vinyl. In her experimental live set, Mieko Suzuki uses broken and prepared records, turntables, effects pedals, and various props. Always aiming for unexpected results, she builds up a constant tension between action and reaction, thus creating slowly evolving, dynamic and bass driven sound textures that are rooted both in noise and electronic music. Claudia Rohrmoser transforms still images of Mieko Suzukiś taped records and vinyl fragments into a lucid visual universe. Exploring the characteristics of the given shapes and surface imperfections she generates dynamic virtual spaces from the grooves' textures. The animations are created simply by spinning digital images at different speeds, just like vinyl moving on a turntable.

Electric Indigo A/V
Electric Indigo stands for an intelligent, differentiated interpretation of techno and live electronic music. She has been part of the international club scene since the 1990s. In 1998 she founded female:pressure, an international feminist network of women working in electronic music and digital art.



Thursday, June 27
Doors: 7 pm / Start: 8 pm
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