RundfunkchorLounge »Die Gedanken sind frei« | Zum 100. Geburtstag von Sophie Scholl


Wed, 2021/09/29

Under the motto "Thoughts are free", we will commemorate Sophie Scholl this evening. The resistance fighter against National Socialism and protagonist of the "White Rose" would have turned one hundred in 2020. In this context, we will present music that takes a stand against violence and oppression, for example by Karl Amadeus Hartmann, whose poignant works were written in inner emigration during National Socialism, or by Isang Yun, who has been using musical means to fight the dictatorship in his Korean homeland since the 1960s, mainly from exile in Berlin. There will also be settings of texts that encouraged Sophie Scholl in her trust in God and her resistance against the National Socialist dictatorship, for example from the pen of the church father Augustine.

The music will be provided by artistic director Gijs Leenaars, Justus Barleben, the singers of the Rundfunkchor Berlin and DJ Malfatti. 
Moderation: Gayle Tufts.

Wednesday, September 29
7.30 pm
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