• Betonhalle Totale @ Cordia

  • Betonhalle Appendix @ Cordia

  • Treppe 4 Fenster Bar @ Cordia

  • Betonhalle Bar Sitzsäcke @ Jörg

  • Betonhalle Eröffnung Appendix @ Cordia

  • Betonhalle Eröffnung Halle @ Cordia

Concrete Hall

ca 1600 m² area / 6m height

In the late nineties the Wedding crematorium was extended with the building of an underground complex that operated for only six months before the crematorium was finally closed down. The Betonhalle, which has been left in its original state, is a remainder from that phase.

With its industrial charm and huge windowless surfaces, the space is predestined for cross-media exhibitions, projections of film and video installations, as well as for larger productions. The Betonhhall can be used in many different ways due to its different levels – tunnel, Betonbar, studio cinema, Betonhalle.

The interaction of the old building, the concrete hall and the studio house has resulted in a large-scale creative campus.

For more information on the facilities and their attributes and functions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info(at)silent-green.net

Ground-plan Concrete Hall