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Freeman's #4: The Future of New Writing, 19.01. (English only)

January 19, 2018
Freeman's # 4: The Future of New Writing
Readings and Talks
with Elaine Castillo, Johan Harstad, Ishion Hutchinson, Elena Marcu & John Freeman
in cooperation with SAVVY Contemporary & The Reader Berlin

Dissatisfied with the diminishment for literary culture to peer into the future of writing through narrowing confinements of nationality, genre or generation,
Freeman’s: The Future of New Writing asks what happens if you take these restrictions off, and start reading across all fields?

The literary journal departs from the series’ progression of themes like Arrival, Family, Home. This special fourth installment instead introduces a list of twenty-nine poets, essayists, novelists, and short story writers from around the world who are shaping the literary conversation right now and will continue to impact it in years to come.

Drawing on recommendations from book editors, critics, translators, booksellers, and authors from across the globe,
Freeman’s: The Future of New Writing includes pieces from a select list of writers aged twenty-five to seventy, from almost twenty countries and writing in nearly as many languages. This is a new kind of list, and an aesthetic manifesto for our times. Against a climate of nationalism and silo’d thinking, writers remain influenced by work from outside their region, genre, and especially age group. Serious readers have always read this way too—and Freeman’s: The Future of New Writing brings them an exciting view of where writing is going next.

Friday, January 19
Start: 8pm
Cupola at silent green
Tickets: 8 € | 5 €, combi (entrance plus magazine): 15 €

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