Future Soundscapes Festival - Day 2

Forest Sword, Perera Elsewhere, Takashi Makino, Nicolas Bernier, Sandra Naumann, Manfred Miersch

Fr, 11.10.2019
Kuppelhalle, Betonhalle

What does the future sound like? Future Soundscapes invites you on an audiovisual trip through time: Over the four days of the festival, artists from the realms of music, media art and sound art explore the past and present of science fiction sound in pop culture, music and cinema.



silent green Atelier
Workshop: Musik und Sound Design im Science Fiction Film mit Dirk Dresselhaus und Christian Obermaier (in German)
Anmeldung unter fifefo[at]silent-green.net

silent green Kuppelhalle (free entry)
17:00h Talks and panels with Nicolas Bernier (English), Sandra Naumann (English)
19:00h AV-Performance: Manfred Miersch & Kalma - New Subharmonic Sounds and Visions

silent green Betonhalle (Tickets: https://bit.ly/33ycGUY)
20:30h Expanded Cinema Performance: Takashi Makino - Space Noise 3
21:15h Concert: Perera Elsewhere
22:30h Forest Swords - In the Robot Skies (Live Score)


silent green Kuppelhalle
Eintritt frei
17:00 Nicolas Bernier: On Minimalism and Science Fiction

18:00 Sandra Naumann: Mary Ellen Bute: Seeing Sound
In the 1930s Mary Ellen Bute (1906-1983) belonged to the pioneers of abstract film in the USA; in the 1950s she was one of the first filmmakers to explore the possibilities of electronic image generation. In her short films she began to transfer the principles of musical composition to the creation of visual materials and tried various ways of linking sound and image. Starting with RHYTHM IN LIGHT (1934) she first produced a series of black-and-white films where she coordinated distorted images of everyday objects with classical music. In the late 1930s she turned to animation techniques and early colour film techniques; the free creation of form and colour allowed her to open up a whole new spectrum of linking acoustic and visual elements which she continued to develop in films like TARANTELLA (1940). Later, in films such as ABSTRONIC (1952), she combined animated images with figures she generated from synchronised music by using an oscilloscope.

Manfred Miersch & Kalma
New Subharmonic Sounds & Visionas
AV Performance

The attempt to discover soundscapes of the future has always been linked to new and innovative technologies. At last year's festival, Manfred Miersch presented the subharchord and the theremin - both instruments that have been connected with artistic utopias in the past century. This year, he will carry the utopian moment into the future: A new subharmonic instrument based on the sound generation of the subharchord and the mixturtraunium. He will also present a theremin that makes whole sound archives available and playable without touch. A live laboratory is created in in direct dialogue with a realtime video projection by VJ artist Kalma.

silent green BETONHALLE
Tickets: https://bit.ly/33ycGUY

Forest Swords
Live score for new edit of In The Robot Skies

Forest Swords is the musical project of Matthew Barnes, who combines hip-hop-inspired beats with a great variety of samples and evocative guitar work to create dreamlike electronical tracks. He probes the idea of wordless, ambiguous vocals as means of expression, with melodies and chants unravelling across tracks, cut and bent out of context, age and gender in beautiful new ways.
In 2016 Barnes scored the drone movie 'In The Robot Skies’. For Future Soundscapes he will do a live version of the score for a brand new edit of the movie.

Directed by speculative architect Liam Young and written by fiction author Tim Maughan, In the Robot Skies is the world’s first narrative shot entirely through autonomous pre programmed drones. The film explores the drone as a cultural object, not just as a new instrument of visual story telling but also as the catalyst for a new collection of urban sub cultures. In this near future city drones form both agents of state surveillance but also become co-opted as the aerial vehicles through which two teens fall in love.


Perera Elsewhere

Perera Elsewhere is Berlin based, UK born experimental electronic music producer Sasha Perera. Coined by some as ‘Doom-Folk’, her one-of-a-kind music has been used in Paolo Sorrentino’s feature film Loro, Ava Du Vernay’s Queen Sugar show and HBO’s Looking.


Takashi Makino
Expanded Cinema performance Space Noise 3

Takashi Makino started his project Space Noise in 2012 as a combination of a 16mm film projection with HD video and sound. Since then it has been shown in over 20 countries, with Makino constantly developing and working on the images and sound.

Space Noise 3 is the third incarnation of the project and will celebrate its world premiere in the course of Future Soundscapes Festival 2019 at silent green.

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