The main entrance to the silent green terrain at Gerichtstr. 35 is stepless and barrier-free. The entrance at Plantagenstr. 31 is not barrier-free.

A total of five barrier-free parking spaces are available. Four parking spaces on the area next to the entrance at Gerichtstr. 35 and another next to the entrance at Plantagenstr. 31.

Access to the silent green Kuppelhalle is step-free and barrier-free: the ramp leading down into the hall has a steep incline, which can sometimes cause difficulties for non-electric wheelchairs. Barrier-free toilets are available. Barrier-free access is via an elevator, please always contact the admissions staff for assistance.

The Kuppelhalle and the MARS | Kitchen & Bar (including Kubus 1-3) are accessible via the inner courtyard of silent green. A barrier-free toilet is available.

The atelier building (ateliers 1-5) is partially barrier-free. It has a stair lift that must be operated by silent green staff. The toilets in the building are not barrier-free.

We kindly ask you to contact us in advance: / T: +49 (0)30 1208221-0.

We look forward to your visit!