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With the non-profit society Film Feld Forschung, founded in 2016 by Jörg Heitmann and Bettina Ellerkamp, silent green is dedicated to the various fields of application of the audiovisual. The focus of this work is the former underground mortuary – the "Betonhalle" on the grounds of the silent green - as a centre for audiovisual research. Here, under laboratory conditions, the audiovisual can be broken down into its individual building blocks of image, sound and language, viewed analytically and reassembled with the means of free artistic experimentation. This creates a space for theoretical and practical research with and in the language of the medium of film. Where not only the finished product counts, but also the confrontation in the process of creating an artistic work.

Since its foundation, Film Feld Forschung has realised numerous exhibitions, film screenings and discourse formats, such as Edit Film Culture!, The Garden. Cinematics of The Soil and The Third Life of Agnès Varda. The interdisciplinary approach addresses acute societal issues around ecology, collective work and the promotion of female perspectives in art and culture.

With the kind support of the Goethe-Institut, Film Feld Forschung has already welcomed three scholarship holders to silent green: the Cairo-based media artist Maha Maamoun in 2016/17, the experimental film icon Shelly Silver, who completed her three-month residency in 2017, the artist and filmmaker Oliver Husain in 2021, and the artist duo XiuXiu in 2022.

Film Feld Forschung aims to address a broad art and cultural audience as well as local residents, artists and cultural actors from all sectors. A particular concern is the creation of synergies and the informal networking of audiences, artists and institutions. With the revitalisation of the formerly vacant, listed building by silent green, a sustainable creative infrastructure is to be created that is firmly anchored in the neighbourhood and at the same time a cultural attraction beyond Berlin.

Film Feld Forschung is a project by silent green under the direction of Bettina Ellerkamp, Jörg Heitmann and Linda Winkler.


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