Guests: 18591 km ART EXHIBITION


What is the meaning of the word ‘Wall’? According to the dictionary: „ … a vertical and compact architectural element which divides and separates one or more territories or space units. “ A good example for this is of course the Berlin Wall but also the contemporary ones, like the walls between US & Mexico, Morocco & Melilla, Israel & Gaza, Rio de Janeiro...But does a wall always have to be physical? or are they actually just the materialization of ideas of any kind of nature: political, economic, cultural, moral…giving shape to our lives and our relations, creating prejudices and fears, molding our opinion as a result of a single sided reporting?

These questions have driven 18591km to come together with a group of artists with different backgrounds, who in many multiple ways, based on their own experience, have thought through these realities and created their artworks, which will be featured at the 18591km Art Exhibition.

With: Nicolas Baernreuther, Sandra Brandstätter, Sara Arias Ortega, Mahdieh Sandmehr, Tarik Mesli, Carolina Cristòfol, Ira, Muriel Dilé, Javier Blanco, Anders Bigum, Rafael Gil, Koray Arman & Cem Dildar, Maria Nitulescu, Nathalie mpjohann, Catherine Duquette, Lapo Simeoni, Ece Gauer, Guillaume Tissier, Timmotheus Rolandinius Sülou Artih, D.S. León, Awk, Arystan Petzold, Nuno Marcelino.

Vernissage 25th Nov -
from 19h - Welcome Time
19.30h - Opening speech
20.30h - Performance by Catherine Duquette
21.30h - Audio visual interaction by Safy (SNIPER)

26th & 27th Nov - Exhibition opening times: 12 - 22h

28th Nov - Exhibition opening times: 10 - 24h
Finissage 28th Nov -
18h - Concert by Elisa Martell & Pablo Woizinski
20h - Performance by Catherine Duquette
21h - Audio visual interaction by Safy (SNIPER)

This exhibition is a part of the ongoing project: