Guests: Festin Supper Club


The time has come to gather once more for a festive night surrounded by food, friends, and a summer night's breeze. Please join me for our next dinner with an Asian flair, hints of the Mediterranean, Latin America and the Caribbean- an ASIAN FUSION.

We will be dining open air at the beautiful historical landmark of Silent Green - tucked between the columns of its courtyard.

Our tentative menu:

Sweet potato poppers

Jalapeno hummus

Truffle brulee with lime & chives

Cheviche with thai basil & flowers

Crispy calamari plantain salad

Spicy shrimp over mango chutney & avocado

Matcha Flan

Carrot-coconut cake


A 49 € donation will be requested for the food.

If you'd like to rsvp, please send an email to info(at)

Hosted by Festin Supper Club.