Easterndaze: Praxis (DE) x Baba Vanga (CZ) Christoph de Babalon (DE) x Widt (PL) x Christoph Fringeli

Concert Series

The blog Easterndaze explores and maps local DIY scenes operating in a digital realm, introduces the creative personalities and collectives behind them and provides context. The concert & film screening series Easterndaze x Berlin: DIY Music Topographies, curated by Lucia Udvardyová, presents music collectives from Budapest, Bucharest, Prague and Warsaw and pairs each of them with groups from Berlin's diverse DIY scenes. The concert series takes place at silent green Kulturquartier. The collectives will also exhibit artefacts of their unique visual identities such as flyers, covers and video works. Documentary films linked to the musical acts and exploring DIY music culture in various Eastern European cities and Berlin are screening at Lichtblick Cinema. Easterndaze x Berlin brings together the most interesting and idiosyncratic collectives and cultural activists from Central /Eastern Europe and Berlin, such as Future Nuggets (Bucharest), Christoph de Babalon (Berlin), WIDT (Warsaw), Farbwechsel (Budapest), KETEV (Berlin), Praxis (Berlin) and many others. The festival is a continuation of Easterndaze: DIY Music Topographies, an exhibition and event series with alternative and underground musicmakers organized for the OFF Biennale Budapest in 2015.

Easterndaze x Berlin is funded by Musicboard Berlin and the German-Czech Future Fund and supported by the EUNIC Network of European Cultural Institutes in Berlin, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Czech Center Berlin, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and the Slovakian Institute.

Line Up:
Christoph de Babalon
+ special collaboration Christoph Fringeli (DJ)
Further information

Doors: 7pm
Start: 8pm
Tickets: 8€, at doors of silent green and lichtblick-cinema
Combi-Ticket: (for concerts): 24€
Card of ten (ten concerts/films): 50€

Full programme