SAVVY Contemporary: Teju Cole – On Known And Strange Things

Lesung und Gespräch

‘Known and Strange Things’ couldn’t be more timely - Teju Cole’s brandnew collection of essays are a generous invitation to follow him on his serpentine paths of curiosity, inspiration, wonder and wounds that ultimately offer the remedy of a clarifying “complication where the general desire is for a simplification” (Heaney again). 

His essays, written between the eye and the heart, span the human project of narration – sung and unsung poetry, history, photography, politics and their resistance – while following Baldwin’s clef that the artist “must always know that visible reality hides a deeper one, and that all our action and achievement rest on things unseen.”  

Teju Cole with be in conversation with Anna Jäger.
There will be books. There will be food.
The event will be held in English.

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