A Happening: The Record Label Edition

A night of sound and visuals

A HAPPENING is a sight specific musically curated event that started last year by designer Kelly Elizabeth Tivnan when she was researching acoustics at the Funkhaus. She was so amazed by this location, with its history and architecture, she asked to create a one day festival in Saal II and with a lot of luck it happened!

Keeping true to providing a certain environmental distinction with a hand-selected program, Kelly has invited artists along with their record labels to Silent Green -  a venue that previously was a crematorium.

The line up:

B/B/S (Miasmah)
Their first Berlin show since their 2016 release

Jan St. Werner (Infinite Greyscale)

Christina Vantzou (Kranky) + Francesco Donadello

Installation von Raúl Pastor Medall (Beacon Sound + Sonic Pieces)

Plus -a few surprises !!

Labels involved -Celebrating 10 years of Miasmah, Kranky, Beacon Sound,Sonic Pieces, Infinite Greyscale

Doors: 7pm
Tickets available at koka36
or: https://www.ticketea.com/entradas-festival-a-happening/