Berlinale Reception


On the occasion of presenting XÉNOGÉNÈSE by the Japanese artist Akihiko Morishita in the Betonhalle of silent green, Forum Expanded along with silent green and the new neighbors, Harun Farocki Institut and SAVVY Contemporary, each of them also presenting exhibitions in their new spaces, invite you to a joint reception.

Forum Expanded: XÉNOGÉNÈSE by Akihiko Morishita, Japan 1981
XÉNOGÉNÈSE shows a man steadily disappearing behind scratches that run through the entire film. It was shown as part of the 13th Forum in 1984. The 16mm print stayed with the Arsenal film archive which is now located at the silent green. The artist Morishita Akihiko made new print in 2015 which was digitized for the installation in 2016.

Harun Farocki Institut: A Day at the Archive
The holdings of Harun Farocki’s estate include film and video material (especially “odds and ends”) and various other materials on Farocki’s individual projects. A Day at the Archive is a short photo documentation to provide us with a sense of the material.

SAVVY Contemporary:  Welcome to Applied Fiction
With the exhibition WELCOME TO APPLIED FICTION, the filmmaker, writer and critic Jean-Pierre Bekolo radically questions and deconstructs the notions, processes and perceptions of filmmaking.