SAVVY Contemporary: RESILIENCE THINGS | Artists in Residency

Presentation, Open Studio and Discussion with Alejandra Mizrahi and Agustín González Goytía

Curated by Aouefa Amoussouvi

After a full month of writing, art-making, networking and thinking together, SAVVY Contemporary's artists-in-residence Alejandra Mizrahi and Agustín González Goytía will present their art project "Resilience things”.

The backbone of SAVVY Contemporary's residency programme is the question of how arts and culture can be thought of beyond geographical and national constraints, and how conventional discourses, perception frames and reception modes of the Western art canon can be reconsidered and redefined. Our residents are encouraged to interact with and relate to local artistic and cultural productions, as well as Berlin’s socio-political, economic and cultural realities, and relay these to their own practices.


People from Tucumán say “somebody has died” but never “somebody died”. Death and any random actions, is always a process and never a state. In this North-Western province of Argentina, people abuse in their daily lives of the present perfect tense and rarely employ simple past. Here time is not seen as a linear sequence of actions but as a constantly growing multi-layered complex of entangled temporal loops.

In the same way they speak, Alejandra and Agustín work with tangible images and objects as well with surroundings and abstract atmospheres, mixing times, making the past appearing in the present. Their works propose an anachronical meeting of elements, emulating the process of remembrance. Ernest Cassirer (1) said that imagination is a very important part of this effort to reconstruct the past. Bread basket, El Bajo, memory, rolling pin, Berlin victory column, remember, drawing, memorials, sanguche de milanga, wallpapers, monuments, Randa: resilience things that appear in their works as flashbacks.

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