MaerzMusik: Kalam-i-Nur


The First Light, The First Sound
(Electronic) Sound Storms Off The Last Scattering Surface At The Acoustic Peak:
Glimpses Of Sono-Illuminescences In An Occasionalistic Mode

“An infinity that must expire, in a world that has already expired.”

Sound-Video-Light Installation with occasional live performances by Catherine Christer Hennix and The Chora(s)an Time-Court Mirage.

A MaerzMusik – Festival for Time Issues production with the support of silent green Kulturquartier.
Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

FRI 17 March – TUE 21 March, 16:00–24:00
WED 22 March, 16:00– 19:00

THU 16 March, 20:00
WED 22 March, 20:00

Free admission