On the occasion of the 500th Reformation-Anniversary, this season’s last RundfunkchorLounge will be dedicated to the topic of church and society. During the evening questions will be posed such aus: What does the Reformation mean to us 500 years after Luther? And what do the singers and the audience think of the religious works that make up a significant part oft he choir’s repertoire? Student priest Mathias Kürschner and Philipp Möller, confessed atheist and author of »Gottlos glücklich« (S. Fischer Verlag, Sept. 2017), will be the debaters. With works by Orlando di Lasso and Clemens non Papa, as well as music by Brahms, Bruckner, Rachmaninow and Strawinsky. rbb presenter Marc Langebeck will host the evening, DJ: Jürgen Grözinger.

Tickets: 10 €