Krake Festival

Krake Day I: Opening w/ Anika, Phurpa & These Hidden Hands

KRAKE FESTIVAL is an annual Berlin based festival for challenging electronic music. Krake means octopus and the Festival is organized in a comparable way: reaching out to selected locations during one week presenting the best in electronic music, whatever style it is. The festival is of international scale but at the same time intimate and familiar, it does not have big sponsoring deals or different color area passes, it’s a festival which puts the focus on artists who dare to step of  the beaten tracks and stay true to themselves.

This summer the festival will take place for the 8th time and music lovers know we will bring a diverse mix of challenging electronic music - alongside a thoughtfully curated side-program.

The line up for the opening night at silent green consists of three acts, who couldn't be more different from each other: The singer Anika, who is known for her Nico-like detuned voice being dubbed over dark, wavy funky electronica. These Hidden Hands, which consist of Tommy Four Seven and his mate Alain Paul, who stand for cinematic soundscapes as dark as can be. Last but not least there is Phurpa, an act which brings together electronic music and traditional throat singing. Check out their mesmerizing performance for Boiler Room and you will know what to expect. 


Press reviews:

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