9. Arsenal Summer School

Curating the Archive

+++ The Summer School wil lbe held in German +++

Every year in August the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art offers a Summer School. For three days participants focus on a topic at the crossroads of theory and practice.

Digitizing, restoring, and long-term archiving are currently topics of great concern for the Arsenal. Time is running short, since analog films are already threatened with disintegration, and the costs are so great that as a rule financing first has to be found for every effort. Despite the pressure to act quickly, we should not overlook that collective memory also contributes to how we engage with film history in the long term. Films live on in the memories of those who have seen them. The way that a film gets burned into memory is closely linked with the conditions of its reception. When, how, and under what conditions was a film seen? What other films or film events framed the screening?

One Plus One: The Summer School 2017 assumes that an archival film can only have significance in relation to the present, and cannot be remembered separately from the concrete situation of its presentation. The contributions and workshops are about the practice of curating. How do I create spaces for perceiving archival films, in which film history can become an experience of the present? How can exhibition and screening practice contribute to the formation of memory and thus to the processes of archiving?

With contributions by Bettina Ellerkamp, Mohamed A. Gawad, Milena Gregor, Jörg Heitmann, Birgit Kohler, Markus Ruff, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, and Nicole Wolf.

Attendance/Registration The number of participants is limited (30 persons). 
 Attendance fee: 135 Euro / 115 Euro (members, students, Berlin-Pass) / 95 Euro (members of arsenal-Freundeskreis)
Registration deadline is August 5, 2017

Further information about the program and registration via arsenal.