DE: Sounds from Georgia

Concert evening with Natalie Beridze, Rezo Glonti, Zesknel, MIY, Severiane


The Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound presents DE, a compilation of various artists representing Georgian electronic and ambient music.

„დე / DE“ is a compilation of music from artists of different backgrounds getting together in order to showcase the dynamic influences within the Georgian scene. Tbilisi is getting worldwide recognition at the moment for its booming club scene, but what this project aims to illustrate is what is happening outside of the club context. Natalie Beridze who has been performing worldwide since 2004 is known as the first female electronic music artist in Georgia, Rezo Glonti has built his studio inside the hull of his boat, and Zesknel is a resident of the renowned Bassiani club, while MIY and Severiane were discovered thanks to Myspace, Soundcloud, and word-of-mouth. All these talents manage in their own ways to present დე / DE, with murky and melancholic cuts."

Doors: 6.30 pm

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