silent green BODY Day 2 I SOUND

four day urban retreat

In its second year, silent green BODY evolves into an inspiring urban retreat offering 16 workshops led by visionary practitioners and held across 4 days. Come experience creative workshops on food preparation, dance, yoga, silence, bodywork and sex – to nourish and motivate you, inside and out.  

Held in German and English, and in a new, big-windowed building overlooking the trees of silent green Kulturquartier, silent green BODY is a unique opportunity to engage closely with exciting practitioners – most with arts backgrounds alongside their healing professions, and many offering workshop premieres.

  • Purchase tickets from a flexible array of options that include session tickets, daily, or four-day passes.
  • Join us for delicious lunches, snacks and drinks at MARS café—nourishment that will delight vegetarians and vegans alike.
  • And please BYO yoga mats or other class requirements.

Most of all: we welcome you to come, play and delve as you are.

Curated by Natascha Stellmach & silent green



silent green BODY’s second day delights with dance and voice.

10:30-12:30     GAGA  |  MÉLANIE SORIN

Gaga is a Movement Research founded by Ohad Naharin in Israel. It offers a new way of learning somatic body awareness and enables strengthening, flexibility, stamina, and agility while playfully engaging with the senses and imagination. To music, participants will be guided through a series of evocative instructions that build upon each other and rather than copied, are individually interpreted.

About Mélanie Sorin
Mélanie Sorin was born in Lisbon and is a freelance dancer and teacher based in Berlin. Mélanie received a BA in contemporary dance from ESD, Lisbon; post-graduate diploma at FMH, Lisbon and LCDS, London; and has worked closely with choreographers, such as the founder of Gaga, Ohad Naharin. She completed her Gaga Training in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 2012 and teaches classes and workshops in Berlin and other European cities.

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In this workshop we’ll examine the interconnections of voice, body and perception and move into new vocal territories, beyond our habits. In the Roy Hart method we explore the voice in all its colour and expression, independently of aesthetic norms and conventions. Through group, partner and solo work we will playfully experience and explore our own voices.

About Christiane Hommelsheim
Christiane Hommelsheim is a singer, voice teacher and conducts vocal research into the connections between voice, body and consciousness. In 2010 she became accredited through the Roy Hart International Arts Center in France and teaches regular workshops in Germany, Belgium and France. She also tutors in Berlin and offers vocal coaching for theatre and dance productions.

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16:00-18:00     TUNE YOUR BODY  | DINO SPIRI

How does tension create connection and relationship? Our bodies have the innate ability to tense and release. In this workshop, we’ll play with physical tension and tone through exercises and principles from Contact Improvisation, Alexander and Klein Technique. Using solo and partner activities we will explore how different fields of tension influence our state of being and engagement with the world and ourselves.

About Dino Spiri
Dino Spiri studied jazz and pop drumming in the Netherlands and then moved to Berlin to undergo Alexander Technique training while teaching touch and movement classes since 2010. As a certified AT teacher since 2013, Dino draws inspiration from a variety of disciplines such as Klein Technique, BMC and Contact Improvisation. He also works in production management for the freelance dance and theatre scene, including with Sasha Waltz & Guests, Shakespeare Company Berlin, and Tanzkongress Hannover.

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18:30-21:00     MOÖVE YR Äß  |  DISCO BEETCHES

Whatever your music genre or dance style, if you like to move, then come as you are and groove in slowly — to then get sweaty with us. Entry until 7:30pm.


Disco Beetches are the daggy duo, Sabine Schründer and Natascha Stellmach. When they are not practicing their art or bodywork, they play tasty discoelektropopcrunchingcrashtrash.

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Session tickets: 20 € / 17 €

Day tickets:  65 € / 55 €
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Retreat pass: 225 € / 180 €
Inc. lunch (day 1) & dinner (day 4)
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“Gaga” Mélanie Sorin leading a class ©Gadi Dagon / “Your Own Voice” Christiane Hommelsheim © Armin Thiemer / “Tune Your Body” Dino Spiri ©Ralf Hiemisch / “Moöve Yr Äß“ DISCO BEETCHES © Schründer & Stellmach  / ”silent green BODY”: Valentin ©Natascha Stellmach