silent green BODY Day 3 I SILENT

four day urban retreat

In its second year, silent green BODY evolves into an inspiring urban retreat offering 16 workshops led by visionary practitioners and held across 4 days. Come experience creative workshops on food preparation, dance, yoga, silence, bodywork and sex – to nourish and motivate you, inside and out.  

Held in German and English, and in a new, big-windowed building overlooking the trees of silent green Kulturquartier, silent green BODY is a unique opportunity to engage closely with exciting practitioners – most with arts backgrounds alongside their healing professions, and many offering workshop premieres.

  • Purchase tickets from a flexible array of options that include session tickets, daily, or four-day passes.
  • Join us for delicious lunches, snacks and drinks at MARS café—nourishment that will delight vegetarians and vegans alike.
  • And please BYO yoga mats or other class requirements.

Most of all: we welcome you to come, play and delve as you are.

Curated by Natascha Stellmach & silent green



silent green BODY’s third day celebrates awareness through movement across four workshops, all conducted in silence, with the exception of practitioner instructions.

11:00-13:00     YOGA TO GET STILL  |  NADEEN MIRZA

In this harmonising yoga sequence with the Hamburg-based Nadeen Mirza, which includes breath exercises (pranayama) and meditation, you are invited to move your body with awareness. These practices will bring you deeper within yourself, enabling an expanded space that makes it possible to access the peace and stillness within your being.

About Nadeen Mirza
Nadeen is an Anusara-inspired® Yoga teacher and architect based in Hamburg. Practising for 14 years, Nadeen has taught Yoga classes, workshops and retreats for six years. Alongside two Teacher Trainings, she studied Yogatherapy and philosophy with renowned teachers Doug Keller, Lilla Wuttich and Vilas Turske. Her classes are fluid and powerful, yet finely tuned sensory experiences.

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Through a series of grounding contemplations that are designed to connect and to experience the inner and outer world, we embark on a quiet experiential journey. Participants will have access to a variety of items to immerse themselves in a meditative sensory experience.

About Julia Neuenhausen
Julia Neuenhausen studied Fine Arts at the Kunsthochschule Braunschweig from 1986-92 and moved to Berlin in 1992. She introduced therapeutic, spiritual and shamanistic methods in 2006, which she employs in her workshops in Berlin and Oregon and her performative installations. Since 2015 she has performed and created installations with Astrid Menze, as the duo "JA".

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Silence holds great potential to listen, open up and deeply connect to ourselves and surroundings. In this workshop, we will begin slowly and find literal silence as well as a silent mind and body. Based on principles and exercises from Body-Mind Centering® and Action Theater, we will explore and stimulate different senses, follow natural impulses and flow into encounters with each other.

About Nina Spiri
Nina studied Innovation Management, and her current work involves facilitating ideation team workshops through empathy, creativity and communication. Varied body awareness practices have been part of Nina’s life for many years with Body-Mind Centering® (BMC) her most recent passion. In Sep 2018 she will be certified as a Somatic Movement Educator (BMC) and is excited about integrating these new impulses in her work.

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Improvisation is not only a musical approach but can also be a way of being. As an attitude, it is founded in the sacred balance between deep focus and radical openness to the present moment. In Piano Prayers Ivan Sobolew invites us into such an experience through listening, feeling, moving and touch. In this creative and playful process, while Ivan improvises at the piano, participants "improvise" too – and together we create a space with infinite, spontaneous possibilities of self-realisation.

About Ivan Sobolew
Ivan Sobolew is a pianist, composer and singer based in Berlin of Russian origin. As part of his lab SobolewSounds Ivan conducts inclusive, multi-sensual and…kind of "spiritual" events such as PianoPrayers, Kakaophonie or Piano, Love & Wine, often in collaboration with yoga, cacao, wine or other sensual ingredients, for the profound and pure pleasure of our bodies and souls.

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Session ticket: 20 € / 17 €

Day ticket:  65 € / 55 €
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Retreat pass: 225 € / 180 €
Inc. lunch (day 1) & dinner (day 4)
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“Yoga to get Still” ©Nadeen Mirza / “Embodied Contemplation” ©Julia Neuenhausen & Astrid Menze (Performance) / “Flowing Silence” ©Nina Spiri / “Piano Prayers” ©Grit Siwona / ”silent green BODY: Valentin" ©Natascha Stellmach