silent green BODY Day 4 I TOUCH

four day urban retreat

In its second year, silent green BODY evolves into an inspiring urban retreat offering 16 workshops led by visionary practitioners and held across 4 days. Come experience creative workshops on food preparation, dance, yoga, silence, bodywork and sex – to nourish and motivate you, inside and out.  

Held in German and English, and in a new, big-windowed building overlooking the trees of silent green Kulturquartier, silent green BODY is a unique opportunity to engage closely with exciting practitioners – most with arts backgrounds alongside their healing professions, and many offering workshop premieres.

  • Purchase tickets from a flexible array of options that include session tickets, daily, or four-day passes.
  • Join us for delicious lunches, snacks and drinks at MARS café—nourishment that will delight vegetarians and vegans alike.
  • And please BYO yoga mats or other class requirements.

Most of all: we welcome you to come, play and delve as you are.

Curated by Natascha Stellmach & silent green



silent green BODY’s final day honours various nurturing and pleasurable modes of touch.


Touch is communication between bodies, with the power to heal, comfort, relax, challenge – as well as make us feel alive. This workshop explores our natural ability—to touch and be touched—as an invitation to experience in more authentic and nuanced ways.

About Silja Viermann
With almost 20 years of experience in the field of bodywork, somatic coaching and creativity training, Silja Viermann’s work is founded on somatic approaches such as the Grinberg Method. She teaches across Europe and the US and has accompanied countless people in personal processes of change. Passing on her knowledge about touch and somatic learning is one of her greatest passions.

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Thai Yoga massage can be understood as a sacred dance between two people and is much more than a purely physical form of treatment. It is performed with Metta. Metta is a Buddhist term for "loving kindness". Through partner exercises, we will uncover and explore some of the nurturing techniques of Thai Yoga massage.

About Crisjan Zöllner
Crisjan Zöllner studied Thai Yoga Massage with David Lutt and Krishnatakis and for some years has worked as a bodyworker offering traditional Thai Yoga massages and osteothai treatments. "It is important for me to carry out my sessions in a state of mindfulness, equanimity, compassion and joy".

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What does Love have to do with epigenetics? How does Love have the potential to alter our cellular memories and how can we actively imprint it? Through solo and partner work we will learn about the hormonal triad of oxytocin, adrenaline and endorphins—hormones that are also released during birth and sex— to explore pleasurable touch across different levels.

About Federica Fiore
Federica Fiore is a holistic practitioner working across homoeopathy, Craniosacral therapy, pregnancy support and conscious sexuality, and is a mother of two. In 2013 she founded, “tutgut – Zentrum für Bewegung und Heilkünste” in Berlin where she also practices homoeopathy and presents seminars on conscious sexuality, labour and birth. Fiore is currently completing midwifery at lbBg Vivantes Berlin.

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18:30-20:30     DINE TOGETHER  I  MARS CAFÈ & BAR

Windup the weekend and the urban retreat with a fun Dine Together – an opportunity to connect or re-connect over an informal, creative vegan meal prepared by MARS’s illustrious chefs.

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Session ticket: 20 € / 17 €

Day ticket:  65 € / 55 €
Inc. dinner
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Retreat pass: 225 € / 180 €
Inc. lunch (day 1) + dinner (day 4)
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 “Touching & Being Touched” © Silja Viermann / “Thai Yoga Massage Techniques” with Crisjan Zöllner © Melina Ebert / “Imprinting Love – Epigenetics & More” © Federica Fiore / MARS Café + Bar Foto /“silent green BODY: Valentin" ©Natascha Stellmach