Future Soundscapes Festival

Day 2: Sound Walk // African SciFi Shorts // Gato Preto

What does the future sound like? Future Soundscapes investigates the past and present of science-fiction sounds at the intersection of popular culture, music and film. With sound lectures and talks, concerts, installations, screenings and performances

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14:00 & 16:00
Sound Walk with Karl Heinz Jeron

Sound Walk: For this audio walk for up to 20 participants a magnetic field detector will be used to get directions. While walking through Berlin-Wedding Sound Walk guide Karl Heinz Jeron will retrieve Berlin-Wedding street names with the help of GPS coordinates and the OpenStreetMap and will use them as search terms on gutenberg.org. Excerpts of the results will be converted to audio and broadcasted to the radios of the participants. Sound Walk draws on Guy Debord’s psychogeography as developed by the Situationist International, specifially on the concepts of dérive or détournement, a form of „drifting“ whichinvolves walking around and trying to follow the emotional and psychological trajectories of an urban environment.
Ticket Sound Walk: 4€

When Trees Sing is a sound installation comprising only custom electronic oscillators. Wherever electric current exists, a magnetic field is also induced. Like any living organism, trees utilize electric current to power their own biological functions, generating weak magnetic fields. This installation makes use of a noncontact method for measuring electric fields for the sonification of a tree on the silent green premises – the audience will experience the metabolism of the tree as music and sound.

African SciFi-Shorts, short film programme presented by Peggy Piesche
Since the 1950s, visionarys artists such as Sun Ra have experimented with science fiction in music, film and fashion to create genuine black versions of the past, present and the future. Those avant-garde visions and creations termed Afrofuturism have grown into a movement which has gained renewed popularity in the past few years. The short film programme will present the wide range of artistic expressions in this genre.

Stillborn (D: Jahmil X. T. Qubeka, CHN/ZA 2017, 20')
The Golden Chain (D: Adebokula Bodunrin; Ezra Clayton Daniels, USA 2016, 14' )
Afronauts (D: Frances Bodomo, USA 2014, 14' )
We Need Prayers:  (D: The Nest Collective, EAK 2017, 9')
See You Yesterday (D: Stefon Bristol, USA 2017, 15’ )

Gato Preto – Concert
Gato Preto have enriched the international afro-futuristic scene with „Rockin’ Favela Funk“ from Rio,  „Township Grooves“ from South Africa and „Hybrid Tech“ from Angola. Gato Preto producer Lee Bass rolled out the perfect sound carpet for the Femcee Gato Misteriosaare and her Portuguese power punchlines. At silent green Gato Preto will present their debut album Tempo which is an invitation to join the artists on their imaginary travel „Back to the Future“, a quest that leads them to Africa and into the past, reflecting their cultural roots. The cosmopolitan Afro-Europeans return with rich finds and fresh ideas to predict future trends of global pop music.

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