Miss Platnum - THE OPERA --SOLD OUT!--


"Inside me there's an orchestra playing" - Miss Platnum is back on stage with a completely new, unexpected project. The exclusive live premiere will take place on 26 November 2018 in Berlin's Silent Green.

Miss Platnum and Cologne-based producer Bazzazian (Die Achse) have created an iconic sound with THE OPERA, from which powerful hymnic songs emerge. Miss Platnum's voice sounds weightless and pure like never before, but at another point it penetrates the ear like a sword, distorted, looped or covered with autotune. Electronic synth boards unite with hip-hop drums, meet creaky organs and gospel choirs. But also the quiet moments and pauses at THE OPERA are celebrated in such a way that it sends a shiver down your spine.

A lot had happened before Miss Platnum retired from public life into the studio: Rushing celebrations were celebrated, with her unmistakable voice she shaped historical German hits like "Lila Wolken", collaborated with Modeselektor, Haftbefehl, Marteria, Peter Fox, Taktloss and after the wild dance on the Balkan volcano, where it all began, she reinvented herself with her first German-language album "Glück und Benzin". Even then, her powerful poetry and playing with the voice as an elegiac autotune spectacle was stimulating and showed the range of her ability to redefine herself again and again.

THE OPERA is not a new beginning, it is rather a distillate of her career and a conscious retreat. Under Bazzazian's watchful eye, she deconstructed herself and then created a new garment for the words and melodies of THE OPERA, which you won't get out of your mind and heart once you've heard them.