Grand fermentation course – CANCELLED!

with nutritionist Helena Ahonen

Fermentation has a long tradition and this preservation method even increases the nutritional value of the vegetables. It will stay preserved for a long time without harmful preservatives or additives, which are often used in conventional fermented foods sold. Also, the health benefits of the lactic acid bacteria are no longer present in supermarket ferments, due to the pasteurization. Only prepared traditionally, these good bacteria can support our health.

This workshop is for those who want to learn all about fermented vegetables and get started at home, making ferments for themselves and for the family or as a chef / cook in a restaurant. We'll be chopping, kneading and learning all about the art of fermentation, in practice and theory. Also we will be tasting different ferments, in between having breaks for lunch, coffee and cake. You make your own ferments and can take them home with you. We will produce sauerkraut, kimchi, chutney and other vegetable ferments, for a total of 7 glasses per person.

This workshop will be held in german.

Start: 10 am (until 6 pm)

Cost: €175,– (early bird until 20.1.2018 €160,–)


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