Hannah Epperson



Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson has played numerous concerts and festivals across Europe since early 2016 to elated audiences. With her touching tones she cast a spell on everyone attending her shows.

But Hannah Epperson is much more than a „quiet“ violinist. Her songs also exist in an experimental pop format, exposing a captivating duality in her musical expression. So it’s only consequent to release both versions as a two-piece album project called Slowdown // Upsweep. On each album there will be songs in a pop format (Amelia) and in a reduced format (Iris).




The first album Upsweep was released in September 2016 and includes 10 tracks – five Amelia and five Iris versions. In 2018 Hannah Epperson will release the second part of this album project called „Slowdown“.

Born in Salt Lake City but raised in Vancouver – Hannah Epperson is also biographically a wanderer between two worlds. No wonder she found her new home in the cultural melting pot New York City. Her music is informed by numerous travels and frequent collaborations with artists across all mediums. New York City seems to be a perfect intersection for the interplay of these diverse fields in Hannah's music. The result is an extremely versatile and refreshing repertoire.