St. Beaufort

Record Release Konzert

On 24 May 2018, St. Beaufort proudly presents their new studio album TRAILS & GUNS.

St. Beaufort is a multinational roots-americana trio based out of Berlin. Founded in 2014 and drawn together by a passion for acoustic music and storytelling, their energetic performance has captured the hearts of audiences at some 150 concerts all the way from the Scottish Highland down to Sicily. Their sound builds on a foundation of banjo, guitar and upright bass, while sharing lead vocals and backing harmonies. They craft songs with a driving intensity that transports listeners to wilder places and simpler times.

St. Beaufort consists of Henric Hungerhoff, Tomás Peralta, and Joe Jakubczyk, hailing respectively from Germany, Chile, and the USA. 



Doors: 7.30pm
Concert: 8pm