Nomadenkino: Los versos del olvido (and Q&A)

open air cinema

The elderly caretaker of a remote morgue possesses an impeccable memory for everything but names. He passes his days showing corpses to those searching for their lost ones and tending to his beloved plants. When protest in a nearby city breaks out and the militia covertly raid the morgue to hide civilian casualties, he discovers the body of an unknown young woman. Evoking memories of personal loss, he embarks on a magical odyssey to give her a proper burial with the help of a mystic gravedigger who collects stories of the dead, an old woman searching for her long-lost daughter, and a hearse driver tormented by his past.  

Feature Film: France, Germany et al. 2017

Director: Alireza Khatami

Starring: Juan Francisco Margallo, Tomás del Estal, Manuel Moron


Film screening and Q&A with film producer Fabian Massah.