silent green Sommerkino: Santo contra cerebro del Mal / Mr. Uppercut

open air cinema

On the occasion of this years' World Cup, silent green offers an alternative programme to Berlin’s public viewing events: The open air cinema in the MARS garden presents unconventional sport films across all disciplines.

El Santo, one of the most famous luchadores in Mexico, never once took off his iconic silver mask, fighting zombies, vampire women and other monsters. In his first film, Cerebro del Mal, he is rendered compliant by a mad scientist via a serum and is forced to be a henchman for the evil forces.  

A restored version of Cerebro del Mal has now been prepared as a collaboration between director Nicolas Winding Refn, Academy Film Archive and Cinema Preservation Alliance, allowing an important piece of Mexican pop culture to return to cinemas. 

MEX/CUB 1959, D: Joselito Rodríguez, C: Joaquín Cordero, Norma Suárez, Enrique Zambrano, L: 70 min  
OV (Spanish) with English Subtitles.


On sunny days, our garden already opens at 6 p.m., offering delicious barbecue and cold drinks before the screening. 

Please stay posted for any changes in our schedule here or via facebook . 

Tickets at the door: 5€ 

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