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28.7.1991: By Bruce Conner and Others. Found Footage Films Presented by Alf Bold (Munich Film Archive)

Alf Bold curated a dedicated found footage program for the Munich Film Archive, which included films by Joseph Cornell, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Bruce Conner, Anita Thacher, Fred Marx, Morgan Fisher and Daniel Eisenberg. In an open-air presentation at silent green, Matthias Müller will introduce this significant program: “It was Alf Bold who brought the idea of found footage to Germany, on various occasions he lectured in my classes. … I still recall his passionate, committed way of presenting these artists and this influenced me strongly later,” Müller wrote. “Bold’s choice of films was generally exquisite. This film [STANDARD GAUGE, Morgan Fisher 1985] eclipsed all the others. It challenged our acquired patterns of thinking that were based on simplifying binary concepts. ... a truly liberating eye-opener.” 

Introduction: Matthias Müller (Bielefeld) 

Part 1 (19:30, Cupola at silent green)
ROSE HOBART Joseph Cornell USA 1936 27 min
LA RABBIA Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy 1961 35mm 53 min
A MOVIE Bruce Conner USA 1958 12 min
REPORT Bruce Conner USA 1967 13 min
LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS Bruce Conner USA 1961 3 min 
THE WHITE ROSE Bruce Conner USA 1967 7 min 

Part 2 (ca. 22:00, open air screening at silent green)
MARILYN TIMES FIVE Bruce Conner USA 1974 13 min
TAKE THE 5:10 TO DREAMLAND Bruce Conner USA 1975 6 min
MONGOLOID Bruce Conner USA 1978 4 min
VALSE TRISTE Bruce Conner USA 1979 5 min
PERMANENT WAVE Anita Thacher USA 1966 4 min
DREAM DOCUMENTARY Fred Marx USA 1982 6 min
STANDARD GAUGE Morgan Fisher USA 1985 35 min 
DISPLACED PERSON Dan Eisenberg USA 1991 10 min