silent green Sommerkino: They shoot horses, don't they?

open air cinema

On the occasion of this years' World Cup, silent green offers an alternative programme to Berlin’s public viewing events: The open air cinema in the MARS garden presents unconventional sport films across all disciplines.

As the Great Depression of the 1930’s ravages the American continent, disillusioned duo Gloria and Robert join forces to try their luck in a dance marathon: a bizarre spectacle of the times, where the last couple standing wins a cash price. Sydney Pollack’s Academy Award-winning breakthrough feature is a dark testimonial on how life turns into a cruel rat race, as hard times spawn its most desperate contestants. 

USA 1969, D: Sydney Pollack, C: Jane Fonda, Michael Sarrazin, Susannah York, Gig Young, Red Buttons u.a., L: 119 min

 On sunny days, our garden already opens at 6 p.m., offering delicious barbecue and cold drinks before the screening. 

Please stay posted for any changes in our schedule here or via facebook . 

Tickets at the door: 5€