Sophie Hutchings


Australian Pianist and Composer Sophie Hutchings' love affair with the piano began in a rather concealed manner. As a child she would secret herself away with only the family piano for company — quietly developing her ruminative, unique style which would later become her trademark. Although initially reserved about her music and the notion of live performance, it wasn’t until her debut album ‘Becalmed’ was released that Sophie was nudged into the public arena.

Sophie’s compositions sway from the disarmingly spare and elegant to the romantic and epic, with a fragility that manages to be both calm and exquisite but always pushing forward.

In Sophie's own words:
That’s the beauty of instrumental music, it’s felt not spoken, and sometimes the things we feel can’t always be put into words and I think music replacing that can be something special on its own…

Doors: 19:00
Concert: 20:00
Pre-Selling: 15 Euro
Box Office: 17 Euro