Kids Of Adelaide


Benjamin and Severin have been travelling under the name Kids of Adelaide since 2011 - whether as street musicians in pedestrian zones in the early days or on the concert stages two years later.

2015 - the kids move into the old house of Bennis grandma to set up their own recording studio together with Sebastian Specht. After months of renovation work, the recordings for the album "Black Hat & Feather", which includes the singles "Jinx" and "Heart in your Glass", were made here.

In 2018 the new album "Into The Less" will be released. The Kids of Adelaide will start their German tour in the Kuppelhalle of silent green.

Opening Act: samu

The musician from Tübingen, samu, proves that it doesn't take more than one person to create multi-layered music with atmospheric sounds and vibes. Sometimes anxious, sometimes exuberant, angry, aimless and questioning - this is how samu describes his music. With vocals, electric guitar and effects he creates a mixture of rock, folk and pop, which he assembles live with the help of sound loops.

Admission: 19:00
Start: 20:00