Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

chamber concert

Telling the unspeakable.

The chamber concerts of the RSB are a matter for the musicians themselves. They develop exciting concert programmes like this with fabulous commitment. Rodrigo Bauzá explains what moved him: "Normally the most mysterious thoughts of a person can never be discovered. The craziest thoughts, the worst violent impulses, absurd parallel fantasy worlds and unfulfillable desires live only in the deepest cellar of our psyche. This part of our ego, however, comes to the surface in some works of art and offers us a rare glimpse into the innermost part of a person: his intimacy." Rodrigo Bauzá speaks of Anton Webern's "unspeakable feelings that had to remain secret", but expressed themselves in the music. No different with Leoš Janáček, the 74-year-old composer who talks in tones about his love for 36-year-old Kamila Stösslová, "knowing full well that it was an impossible love". And in Franz Schubert's Quartet No. 15 in G major "perhaps the most comprehensive world of human thought we are allowed to experience flows". (Rodrigo Bauzá)

Rodrigo Bauzá / Violine
Enrico Palascino / Violine
Gernot Adrion / Viola
Peter Albrecht / Violoncello

Anton Webern
Slow movement for string quartet

Leoš Janáček
"Intimate Letters" - String Quartet No. 2

Franz Schubert
Streichquartett Nr. 15 G-Dur D 887