Arnold Kasar


There are few careers that are as versatile as the career of Berlin pianist and producer Arnold Kasar: He releases records of classical music (his work with Roedelius, released by Deutsche Grammophon, is highly praised), as well as with leading labels of the electronica & jazz avantgarde. In the studio he experiments relentlessly, produces whole albums with playing free piano improvisations or with high quality analog equipment "direct to vinyl". On stage he prepares and resamples the piano and creates his infallible soundscapes. In all of his projects he has remained completely true to his own melancholic-romantic piano language. Since Arnold Kasar focusses on his "first instrument", the piano, in his works, his creativity knows no limits. Most recently, his sounds unfolded at Elbphilharmonie and Volksbühne Berlin, where he performed with Roedelius. Now he presents his full length solo program „Resonanz“ at silent green.


+ Special Guest Harald Blüchel: Known as "Cosmic Baby", Harald Blüchel was among the most popular artists in the genre of techno music in the 1990s. His sound became style-defining. At the same time he was the first representative and pioneer of a new generation of electronic live performers. He started playing the piano at the age of four, received a scholarship from the city of Nuremberg three years later and studied composition at the Berlin Hochschule der Künste (now the University of the Arts) from 1987 onwards. His compositions are based on repetitive structures and rhythmic patterns, that is the means of repetition and its variation on the one hand and concise melodic motifs on the other. Both are the main characteristics of his musical influence - from Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to Cage, Reich, Roedelius and the "Berlin School". His album "No Ordinary Moments" and the accompanying music book will be released in March 2020.