Jay-Jay Johanson


Oh this sensation, could it be hallucination?
What I feel is it real or just a mind creation?

Jay Jay Johanson is back - and with him his multi-layered, hallucinatory trip-hop melodies. His new album Kings Cross consists of duets with Robin Guthrie (Cateau Twins) and Jeanne Added as well as jazzy drums with discreetly set electronic additions, mysterious sounds, loops and acoustic gimmicks like whistling and flicking fingers. The combination of his complex melodies and melancholic voice earned him the title "Chet Baker of the Present". The romanticized pain in all its facets also plays a dominant role in the new album and in songs like Lost Forever or We Used To Be So Close. But also everyday themes like the agony of smoking, procrastination and sleeplessness at night are included. The musical bouquet of the 50-year-old consists of piano, trumpet and guitar and is sometimes spiced up with samples.
An evening full of silent hymns to the paradoxes of life awaits.

presented by Das Filter

Thursday, November 28
Start: 20 p.m./ Doors: 19 p.m.