The Long Term You Cannot Afford. On The Distribution Of The Toxic


SAVVY Contemporary cordially invites you to the public program of The Long Term You Cannot Afford. On The Distribution Of The Toxic which addresses environmental injustice through the lens of the toxic and the discrimination surrounding its production and circulation, all deeply rooted in historical structures. The Invocations program comprises a series of performances, film screenings, talks and round-table discussions, workshop, and sonic interventions, which bring together artists, writers, academics, activists, filmmakers and musicians involved in this subject.

With Edna Bonhomme, Black Earth, Rise Up: Black & People of Colour Environmental Justice Group, Yolanda Ariadne Collins, Discard Studies (Alex Zahara and Josh Lepawsky), Abhijan Gupta, Hyoung-Min Kim and Gabriel Galindez Cruz, Jessika Khazrik, Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology (Ida Bencke), Liping Ting, Mother the Verb (Ivan “Ivy” Monteiro), Hira Nabi, Hazardous Travels (Ayushi Dhawan, Maximilian Feichtner and Simone Müller), Raqs Media Collective (Shuddhabrata Sengupta), Hulda Rós Gudnadóttir, Matana Roberts, Tomás Saraceno and the Aerocene Foundation, Alexis Shotwell, and Françoise Vergès, among others.

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Friday, November 8, 11am - 8pm
at SAVVY Contemporary / Plantagenstraße 31, 13447 Berlin

Saturday, November 9, 1pm - midnight 
at silent green Kuppelhalle