Dark Concert -SOLD OUT-

Tchaikowsky in darkness

The DARK CONCERTS of the Lights Out Trio with Mathias Susaas Halvorsen (piano), Magnus Boye Hansen (violin) and Steven Walter (cello) are deeply moving musical and emotional experiences.

The trio from the environment of PODIUM Esslingen could be experienced with this intensive concert experience in absolute darkness all over Europe and in the USA. In the Berlin premiere, a great romantic work is moved into darkness: The monumental Piano Trio in A minor by Pjotr I. Tchaikovsky is a chamber music masterpiece - a Requiem, as dark and yet dreamy as the night - that seems all the more powerful in its depth and expressiveness in the dark.

Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky:
Trio A minor for piano, violin and violoncello, op. 50, "A la mémoire d'un grande artiste" (A minor for piano, violin and cello)

An event of PODIUM Esslingen
Kindly supported by KPMG