MaerzMusik: Elaine Mitchener


Elaine Mitchener transforms notions of remembrance in her performance.

“We will inhabit a concept of remembering as an act of responsibility. An act that in turn is ultimately liberating and healing.”
Elaine Mitchener

In her new piece for MaerzMusik, Elaine Mitchener explores Walter Benjamin’s notion of ‘Eingedenken’ – a historical consciousness in which the past is not understood and glorified as something closed and complete; a form of remembering that emphasizes the past’s relentless presence. Against the mediating, conciliatory thrust of Erinnerung (memory), Eingedenken remains true to suffering in the past by refusing reconciliation with past wrongs.

Born in East London to Jamaican parents, Mitchener’s artistic work as a vocalist, movement artist and composer is permeated by the awareness of past and present forms of discrimination, post-colonial wounds and its effect on humanity. “the then + the now = now time” is an artistic quest to politicize the past, undoing and unsettling time and space using music and movement.


Elaine Mitchener
the then + the now = nowtime (2019) World premiere


Elaine Mitchener Concept, Music & Performance
Dam Van Huynh Movement Direction

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photo credit: Elaine Mitchener © Guido Mencari